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This post comes from Hungary. Molly and I have been staying with in-laws this week and are being joined by Tom this evening. Today Molly and I accompanied my sister-in-law Anna on her weekly trip to the local market.

I had no intention to write a post from here HOWEVER, the market was so phenomenal I couldn’t resist taking some photos.

Plus, we’ve been eating some truly delicious traditional Hungarian fare that I am now keen to try at home. So consider this as part 1. Part 2 comes next week when I share a recipe or two. Made using Hungarian paprika and something smokey and sausagey.

But back to the market. Now this is the way I would love to shop for food all the time. To go to one market-place where all the sellers congregate. To browse, feel, smell. Anna buys all her fresh groceries from here every week – meat, fresh fruit and veg, nuts, cheese and even home-churned butter. And pickled everything (picked baby watermelons, pickled green tomatoes, pickled peppers, blow-your-mouth off pickled chillies. You name it, they pickle it. And they’re delicious with a pre-dinner apéritif.)

Enjoy the photos. Lots of colour and lots of interesting curiosities to inspire, delight or even disgust. I’ll leave you to decide what falls into which category. I was particularly pleased with the animal heads sign-posting the meat counters. Helpful for me in any case.