Finally, a loaf worth writing about.

You might remember that my first attempt at sour dough was not a great success. I’ve had a few goes since but there was always something letting the loaf down.  Me. I either didn’t knead it properly, left it in the oven too long, or forgot to baste/slash and sprinkle leaving me with a perfectly OK loaf, but not a very good-looking one. Certainly not blog-worthy.

Making bread is actually pretty easy and can be quick.  The answer is simply to follow the bloody instructions.  I followed Minnie’s Starter for Ten post to the letter (with the lap-top up in the kitchen) and also had her on hand to watch my kneading technique.

Low and behold, the perfect loaf (bread pirouettes).

Happily, I’ve also discovered a locally produced hand-churned butter which is absolutely to-die-for and the perfect partner for my perfect loaf.  It’s beautifully creamy, just the right amount of salt and is inspiring thoughts from Minnie and I of trying to make our own butter. But perhaps not this year.

So, as the disappearing loaf and 250g block of butter will testify, I’ve been in a lovely warm bready buttery place this week.  Inches of butter on warm sour dough may be good for the soul but, I can assure you, it’s bad for bottom.