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So we’re still without oven. Molly’s run out of cheesy poofs. I tried (and failed) to bake a loaf in the log-burning stove (it would have worked I’m sure if I had have waited ‘til the embers had died down). I’ve been to Siobhann’s to bake a loaf. And I’ve had to buy bread (it’s actually been rather nice, and Molly’s been wolfing it down like the traitor that she is).

So anyway, I’ve been missing making bread. And have therefore been making more flatbreads. Roti is the everyday bread of India and Nepal, and this recipe comes directly from the River Cottage Bread book, which if you haven’t got, I’d highly recommend. I actually used chapati flour as we’d run out of wholemeal as the recipe suggests, but I guess that’s more true to tradition anyway.

This is the simplest bread I’ve ever come across. It’s just flour and water! It’s perfect for scooping up curries, lentils, stews and soups. If you think you have neither time nor ingredients for bread, then think again…

Makes Six

100g strong brown, wholemeal or chapati flour (plus extra for dusting)

Pinch of salt

60ml of water

Mix all together and knead between your hands for a minute or two, until smooth. Roll into six balls, as round as you can. Place a heavy-based frying pan over a medium heat, and using a rolling pin and plenty of flour, roll out the balls into thin rounds.

Lay first roti in the hot pan, and after about half a minute flip (bubbles and browning should start to appear). Cook this side for another 30 seconds. Flip again and the whole thing should begin to puff up. Keep the roti warm, wrapped in a tea towel, whilst you cook the rest. Tuck in!