If anyone has any cranberries left over from Christmas then this is a lovely recipe for using them up – if you have the gall to eat something pretty damn indulgent even though it’s back to work week.

For our cheesecakes (oh yes, multiples) the broken oven meant that the base was soggy, but apart from that they were delicious. Mum thought they could have done with more cranberries, so add more if you’re into cranberries. I adapted a recipe by Tana Ramsay, hers had bailey’s but as that’s gross I used brandy instead. It also used dried cranberries, but I used fresh. This made enough for a small round tin (about 20cm in diameter, plus some extra makeshift moulds).

150g digestive biscuits

50g butter

350g cream cheese

150g golden castor sugar

4 eggs, lightly beaten

Dash of brandy

2 tsp vanilla extract

Handful of fresh cranberries

300ml soured cream, beaten until spoonable

Bash the biscuits in a bag using rolling pin, until beaten into crumbs and put in a mixing bowl. Pre-heat oven to 180c (or swear a lot and hope broken 150c oven will work). Melt butter in saucepan and pour over crumbs. Mix until coated evenly. Press down firmly into greased baking tins (mine were less than 5mm thick).

Place sugar, eggs, brandy and vanilla into mixing bowl and beat until smooth. Pour on top of biscuit base, and sprinkle with cranberries. Put in oven and pray. Remove after about 30 minutes until just set. Leave for ten minutes. Then spoon over the soured cream and place back in oven for further 10-15 minutes. Place on wire rack to cool completely, and then remove from tins. Can then be kept in fridge or freezer or stomach.

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