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I’m not sure this is a daube, as I’ve never really looked at a recipe for daube, but it’s what we call it. All I know is that, like a daube, it involves beef being slowly cooked in a whole bottle of wine. How can that fail? It’s also pretty darn spicy, and as per most of my cooking, it is also supplemented by pork.

This is the kind of dish you want at the end of a long winter’s day, when you know that you’ll soon be able to tuck into a warming bowl of spicy, boozy beef-goodness. You can put your slippers on, listen to the fire crackle; finally work up the energy to go back for seconds. To go with the daube tonight, is more homemade baguette, just can’t get enough of them now I know how easy they are to bake.

So, although it saddens me to pour a whole bottle of wine into a pan rather than directly into my gullet, I know that my sacrifice shall be rewarded…

Serves 4 – slowly cooks for three hours

500g chuck / braising steak

4 rashers of smoked bacon

3 shallots

5 cloves of garlic

1 bottle of good, preferably French, red wine

Tin of tomatoes

2 carrots, chopped

1 red pepper, roasted and sliced

Handful of green olives

1 red chilli

1 bay leaf

1 tspn herbes de Provence

½ tspn smoked paprika

Pinch or two of cayenne pepper

2 handfuls of flat leaf parsley, chopped

Chop the beef into small chunks, season and sprinkle with paprika then fry in olive oil and butter until well browned. Remove from pan, add another knob of butter and gently fry off the bacon and shallots, after a minute or two adding the garlic. Then return the beef to the pan, mix around and then pour in the bottle of wine (do it), the tinned tomatoes, herbs, chilli and spices. Season, then either leave on the hob to slowly simmer or in a low oven (about 150 to 160c). After 1 ½ hours add the chopped carrots, and then half an hour after that the red pepper. After 2 ½ hours add the olives and at the very end add the parsley. Check seasoning and serve piping hot with a lovely buttery homemade baguette.