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This is living, edible proof that I got that bloody “organic as it can be” veg patch up and running.

I haven’t written anything at all about the vege garden since my last post about planning, largely because I discovered it is insufferably boring writing about gardening and I couldn’t, for the life of me, work out how to make it sound interesting.

I mean, you read about shit.  Then you put shit in the ground.  And shit grows. Or doesn’t (as the case was with the carrots and the potatoes.  The spuds didn’t grow because I forgot to put them in).

It was hard enough keeping my own interest in it going but, in effect, the blog made me do it because I committed to doing it right here on these very pages. And now I’m glad. Nice going blog. You’re a task master.

Radishes were our first bone fide harvest and they were lovely.  We had a helpful taste comparison of radishes from the weekly organic veg box and, true to what they say about home-grown veg, ours were tastier with a depth a flavour that even we didn’t  expect.  They were proper spicy and really zingy.

We’ve mostly been eating them like little apples before dinner but this Radish and Fennel salad went really nicely as a side to a pasta dish.

Simply thinly slice a load of radishes and mix in with some thinly sliced fennel and a handful of chopped mint.  There’s so much flavour going on that all you need is a drizzle of olive oil and the slightest splash of white wine vinegar.  Salt and pepper rounded if off nicely.

Here are a few pics of the garden so far.

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In the mix you’ll see garlic, cut n’ come salad, wild rocket, rainbow chard, swiss chard, fennel, spinach and of course radishes. Lots more in the ground but >yawns< I’m boring myself stiff already so will sign off. And that brings ‘Kitchen Garden 101’ to a close.

Endov (not to be confused with endive, I didnt plant that).