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I’ve lost the will to cook and Tom’s coleslaw is saving us

We’re tucking into a baked potato with Tom’s ‘slaw probably once a week at the moment and will continue to do so until we use up the Bloody Cabbage in the fridge. It’s quick to pull together, gorgeous with a big fluffy baked potato dripping in butter, and is wonderfully comforting. The ultimate home-spun fast food as far as I’m concerned.

I’d always thought coleslaw was pretty revolting stuff – oniony, cabbagy, sloppy, supermarket food that did nothing except give you bad breath and a farty bum. Until Tom started making this, and I’m now a convert.

It started back in the winter when cabbages were arriving almost weekly in the organic veg box and we were at our *wits end* with, not only eating Bloody Cabbage, but coming up with ideas as to what to do with Bloody Cabbage. I couldn’t bring myself to relegate it to my list of ‘dislikes’ with the veg box scheme; that felt like cheating. If we were really committed to living and eating seasonally, this would be a very real challenge in the depths of winter. We had to crack it. We had cabbage soup (tastes like fart), stuffed cabbage leaves (other things wrapped in fart), tried to hide it stews and casseroles (makes whole stew taste like fart). Eaten raw, it tastes a lot less farty. We made a lovely Asian-style version with Nuoc Cham dressing and served with Squid back in March which worked well.  But what we keep on returning to is this recipe for Coleslaw because, for some reason, despite having cancelled the weekly veg box and not bought a cabbage in months, I find myself with BLOODY CABBAGE in the fridge again (I’m beginning to think that Tom is secretly buying them. I am secretly pleased).

The lovely thing about Tom’s ‘slaw is that it’s very versatile and he tends to change it each time he does it, depending on what we’ve got in the fridge. But here are a few key things which really make it lovely.

  • Go easy on the mayo. For a decent-sized portion that feeds us both, We’re probably only using a tablespoon of good quality whole-egg mayonnaise
  • A splash of white wine vinegar makes all the difference
  • Do use toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Something sweet like raisins or chopped apple is tasty
  • Use it as an opportunity to get rid of annoying left over bits and bobs in the fridge like broccoli florets etc.

Below are the basic ingredients; simply combine and enjoy with a lovely big baked potato.

  • Grated carrot
  • Finely sliced red or green cabbage
  • A little finely chopped onion
  • A handful of toasted pumpkin seeds (toast for a few mins in a dry pan)
  • Anything else you fancy
  • Dressing: About a tablespoon of good whole-egg mayonnaise, a splash of white wine vinegar, sea salt and cracked black pepper.