This feels a bit like I’m resurrecting myself from the dead. I haven’t posted since July. JULY!! In the food sense, I might as well have been dead. Pregnancy had a terrible impact on my pallet, food choices and even my ability to cook.

In the first instance, ordinarily delicious food tasted like dog food. Cue cassoulet, slaved over for four days that I couldn’t even look at by the time it was served. It gave me the dry heaves.

In the second, all I pretty much wanted to eat was carbs and butter. Ideally fried. Very trailer-park. Not very ‘on-brand’ and somewhat limiting.

Lastly, when I did attempt to cook anything slightly more ambitious or interesting, I overcooked it. In fact, there have been many a dish over the last few months that I’ve cooked and intended to blog but, fucked it up. It felt a bit like I had dodgy wiring. But Minnie’s ‘Happy Birthday’ post gave me a virtual slap around the face. Her blogging hand reached out and plunged my sleep-deprived head into a bucket of ice-cold water and reminded me to stop bloody whining and crack on. So, bearing in mind I’m breast feeding and I NEED CAKE, I thought I’d post my favourite chocolate cake recipe in the world.

This is a recipe I have married into as it’s a family recipe on Tom’s side. It’s dished up for everyones birthday and is completely sublime.

Cooked to perfection, it will be light as a feather on the outer edges, slightly gooey in the centre all the while so rich and fudgy you won’t know yourself after the first bite. The idea is to deliberately undercook it, hence the name Gateau Manque, which literally translates to a ‘missed’ or ‘lack’ cake in French. True to form, I overcooked it. Twice. So I couldn’t even fuck it up, without fucking it up (yes, it’s taken me a month to get this post out despite having cooked the cake umpteen times before with no problems.)

And the best thing about it is the recipe is so easy to remember. THE WEIGHT OF FOUR EGGS IN BUTTER, SUGAR AND CHOCOLATE, HALF THE WEIGHT IN FLOUR. Did you get that? That’s it. And, if you’ve ever made a cake at all, the method will be in your head too. Simply cream the butter and sugar til pale and fluffy, add beaten eggs and whisk til combined, add melted chocolate and fold in sifted flour. Use best quality dark chocolate and unsalted butter. The only real change I’ve made over time is to use dark brown soft sugar instead of white but both work.

Enjoy and share the recipe. It’s a goodun’.

ADDENDUM: Well, it would be nice to know how to cook the bloody thing wouldn’t it (she says amending the post having published already). The annoying short answer is,  it does depend on your oven. Long answer; pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees celcius. Then start checking after about 20mins. The cake is done when a clean metal skewer comes out clean when inserted at the outer edges of the cake, but has cake goo on it when inserted in the centre. With my fan assisted electric oven (which I am finally beginning to understand cooks hotter than I realise) it was taking 25 minutes.