About Molly’s Kitchen

Molly’s Kitchen came about over a beer in a country pub. We’re two women who love food and decided to share our ideas and inspire each other in a shared space.

Our daughters happen to be called Molly.

This is not just about everyday scratch cooking but also our forays into unchartered territory. The kind of food we’ve perhaps always loved and admired, but never quite got around to attempting because we were short of time, too scared or quite simply couldn’t be arsed (like making sausage rolls or bloody good pie). We’ll also use it to blog about projects – such as making your own pizza oven (check out Minnie’s post on the subject), or getting going with a veg patch from the beginning (on Siobhann’s agenda).

We’re hoping that Molly’s Kitchen will keep us on our toes and ensure we never stop trying new things, no matter how busy we are.

Introducing Minnie

I’m an impatient traditionalist. I like trying out new things, but don’t have the inclination to try and master them. I’m not a very good student, but I love learning.

I love my home. I love cheese. I love my family. I love wine.

I prefer to make things up rather than follow recipes. If in doubt, I generally add pork.

I grow my own veg and keep chickens. One day there will be a goat.

Introducing Siobhann

Tom, Molly and I moved to the countryside from the big smoke in May 2011. No more mucking about, I decided I was going to teach myself some new stuff and put my big organic-home-grown-rear-stuff-good-lifer fantasy where my mouth is. In truth, I’ve discovered it doesn’t come as naturally as one might hope. Last year’s veg was a disaster because I planted too late (being more accustomed to advertising deadlines, I was dismayed to discover you can actually miss a veggie deadline. Precious, I say. Even production companies have a bit more leeway). Things like making your own bread is kind of back-breaking and, gardening, quite frankly, is a bit of a ball-ache. In short, it’s taking a little longer to knock the city-girl out of my lungs but food is getting me there. I find myself thinking, talking and planning food more than ever and doing this blog has been a joy, if only to quieten the little voices in my head. And I’m going to use this space to make my plans real so I have to honour them. Such as;

1. Get a proper, functioning organic-as-it-can-be veg patch up and running.

2. Get chooks like I said I was going to on Facebook but still haven’t.

3. Make Pigs Head terrine, if only for the novelty of having a pig’s head on my kitchen bench. (With apologies to my vegetarian friends. You know who you are. But be consoled that this pig will have led a lovely life and will die well, appreciated for every last morsel. Including its snout and cheeks)


16 thoughts on “About Molly’s Kitchen”

  1. Lovely design and writing girls. I look forward to seeing lots more (and some pictures of chickens and goats) Love Sares x

  2. I like this cook book, “Hongas lotus petal”

    good recipe for gado gado, found the restaurant in Teluride CO, traditional dish from bali Indonesia

  3. So excited to read whatever comes my way :) Good Luck girls
    p.s anything with Duck has my vote x

  4. Bea des Forges said:

    Love it Shiv. xx

  5. Antonia Nelson said:

    LOVE IT TOO and I love the page header….can smell that bread from here. will look forward to more posts

  6. Thank you all for your support and lovely comments. Hugely appreciated by us both especially because we were so terrified at ‘going live’. Shiv x

  7. Best website since scootbal.com. Particularly loving the photography, and pleased to see cheesey poofs are already up. Would be happy to taste the produce of a whole day of dumpling making, if that would be helpful? You know, just to help you refine the recipe.

  8. The Young Master and Commander said:

    Have you got any left overs?

  9. This is awesome! Cheesy poofs a real joy to make! So easy and all 3 batches made in 5 days finished before they had time to cool.xxx So proud of you Shivy!

  10. Go Shivvers. This is brilliant x

  11. Zanitea said:

    Hi Girls –

    I’ve been following your blog and really enjoy your posts and your recipes. I just started my blog about cooking with tea this year, and I’ve nominated you for an Illuminating Blogger Award in my latest blog post.

    I’m also Kate Walmsley’s good friend from Colorado (Suzanne Klein). Siobhann, I know we’ve met several times, I’m thinking the last time was probably at Kate and Craig’s wedding years ago?

    Anyway, keep up the great blog work! And check out the mention in my blog post and consider passing on the award. Thanks!

    • Suzanne, thank you so much for the nomination! We will thank you officially on the blog post. And now I will follow your blog – I love the idea (and am also a food and tea lover. Though mostly bog-standard builder’s tea I must confess.) Thanks again for the nomination and we will be sure to participate by nominating others. Best wishes, Molly’s Kitchen xx

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